sábado, 2 de maio de 2009

Exercício V - Contexto e Contraste

1. Johnny was besotted in not checking the depth of the water before he jumped in, but it was a good thing that his father was wise and checked it first.
The word besotted in this sentence means
decent - unaware
foolish - incomplete

2. Brad made a cursory effort to finish his homework. This was unlike him; usually he worked hard to finish before dinner.
The word cursory in this sentence means
insincere - genuine
valid - actual

3. I thought the painting of the waves crashing into the shore was very picturesque, but I thought the one next to it was quite ugly.
The word picturesque in this sentence means
attractive - large
colorful - soothing

4. The omnipotent superhero always won his battles, unlike his weak opponents.
The word omnipotent in this sentence means
almighty - weak
powerless - great

5. After being ill and unable to eat for three days, Beverly had a voracious appetite.
The word voracious in this sentence means
satisfied - quenched
small - big

6. We were all pretty apathetic in the movie about animals, but we became interested when it started showing all the tricks dogs could do.
The word apathetic in this sentence means
gracious - angry
uninterested - sleepy