domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Exercicio I - Contexto e Exemplo

1. Projectiles include those items that are shot forward such as a cannon shell, bullet, or rocket.

In accordance with the context, the word projectiles in this sentence means
a) things put down b) things shot forward c) things hurt d)things broken

2. The professor was a favorite among the students at the college. His sagacity was helpful to them as they pursued their degrees. The professor was known to use his experience, insight, and common sense to help students pursue their education.
The word sagacity in this sentence means
silliness - thoughtlessness
wisdom - negligence

3. Famous conquistadors include Cortes, who conquered Aztec Mexico and Pizarro, who conquered Inca Peru.
The word conquistadors in this sentence means
geographers - losers
victims - conquerors

4. A sleuth, such as Sherlock Holmes, can be very helpful in solving crimes.
The word sleuth in this sentence means
senior - citizen man
pilot - detective

5. Zack was a good at many sports. He excelled in swimming, running, horsemanship, fencing, and target shooting. He decided to compete in the pentathlon rather than having to choose one of the events.
The word pentathlon in this sentence means
competition with two events - competition with eight events
competition with ten events - competition with five events

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